Hi there,

My name is Jack Han, and I’ve been watching, playing, coaching and thinking about hockey for over 20 years. (Bob McKenzie wrote about my story here.)

As the Video & Analytics Coordinator for the McGill Martlets between 2014 and 2017, I was part of a program which reached the final of the USports National Championship twice and won the RSEQ Provincial championship twice. Our staff had some outstanding athletes to work with, but we were also able to find success thanks to our level of preparation and our commitment to using data to improve our odds on the ice. It is with that experience in mind that I have created this website.

There are many great online resources which provide a quantitative view of NHL hockey – how certain players are deployed, which teams do well in different score or manpower situations and to what extent both groups are controlling the run of play.

My goal here is to give a qualitative view of the game, pointing out tactical details of the game which players, coaches and analysys can work together on together in an effort to do hockey better. 

It’s my wish to create the kind of resource which I did not have access to as a minor hockey player 20 years ago, or as a high school assistant coach 10 years ago. Whatever level of hockey you play, coach, or follow, I hope you’ll find this website useful.